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Test Transparent Data Encryption

To check if the data is encrypted, do the following:

  1. Create a table in the database for which you have enabled pg_tde. Enabling pg_tde extension creates the table access method pg_tde. To enable data encryption, create the table using this access method as follows:

    CREATE TABLE <table_name> (<field> <datatype>) USING pg_tde;


    You can enable data encryption by default by setting the default_table_access_method to pg_tde:

    SET default_table_access_method = pg_tde;
  2. Run the following function:

    SELECT pg_tde_is_encrypted('table_name');

    The function returns t if the table is encrypted and f - if not.

  3. Rotate the master key when needed:

    SELECT pg_tde_rotate_key(); -- uses automatic key versionin
    -- or
    SELECT pg_tde_rotate_key('new-master-key', NULL); -- specify new key name
    -- or
    SELECT pg_tde_rotate_key('new-master-key', 'new-provider'); -- change provider

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